All Natural Hogs

By selecting one of the options below, you are paying the deposit only. 

Once you place your deposit, we will add your name to the list for a harvest date.  We will notify you of your harvest date when it is assigned and provide further instruction at that time.  Your meat will be available for pick up at our farm approximately two weeks following your harvest date.  We will contact you to schedule your pick up time and invoice you for the balance due.   

All pricing is based on hanging weight; hog hanging weights are typically between 150 to 175 pounds depending on breed and finishing time.  We pay the processing fees at no additional cost to you.  Finished weight (what you take home to the freezer) will be dependent on the cuts you choose.  

We are currently eight to twelve weeks from date of deposit to date of harvest.

For those interested in purchasing hogs for the pig roast season, we encourage you to reach out to us at prior to placing your deposit. 


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